Helicopter SkyDive's Team

Andrew Pfeiffer:

Became involved in sport parachuting after making his first Free Fall over the Great Barrier Reef in 1994. Professional Skydiving since 1998 filming, documenting and instructing people at all levels in the sport.

Andrew has made approximately 12’000 freefall/parachute descents. In his search for more knowledge and new locations, Andrew has traveled extensively around the globe meeting many exceptional people and gaining inspiration.

Andrew has been skydiving for 24 years during this time making over 12`000 skydives, sport and commercial skydives, managing skydive centers and implementing safety protocols worldwide.

His Philosophy is: Working with high risk work daily has allowed Andrew to focus on Zero injury safe systems (Target Zero) Andrew’s passion has always played a part in his life and welcomes those who would like to challenge themselves tandem skydiving.

Parallel to skydive Andrew has built his reputation with film production and constant focus on serving customers and working with production teams to achieve desired results.

Specializing in coordinating and directing the production of extreme sports based documentary and stunts for films, working across multiple genres and formats. Andrew also delivers creative media educational projects nationally and internationally. He has successfully partnered with many local and international agencies including: Discovery, NBC, BBC, Amazing Race, Shine Australia, Coke Cola, Warren Miller, Science Films UK and many more.

Additional, Andrew has worked with the largest global energy companies implementing and controlling safety protocols for Shell and Chevron LNG projects.

Tony Shimmin:

Tony has made approximately 10’000 jumps over 24 years. He started jumping in the UK during the summer of 1994 where he made a static line round jump for charity. He has been actively jumping in several different disciplines to the current day.

Tony has travelled all over the world jumping for fun and has competed at national level before becoming a Tandem Instructor and turning professional skydiver in 2002. He has work at several locations over the years but has been mainly making tandem jumps from helicopters here in Switzerland. Also he is an accomplished videographer and has been responsible for the day to day running of a tandem operation here in Interlaken for over 10 years.

Previously, after gained bachelor’s Degree from Manchester University in 1992, Tony worked as an electronic design engineer for several large telecom manufacturers.

Before becoming a skydive instructor he was also involved in teaching SCUBA diving and more recently in Switzerland he is teaching skiing. This combined with his engineering background gives him a solid grounding in safety, the environment, people skills, people management and problem solving. All of which are valuable assets for Helicopter Skydive GmbH.

Oliver Furrer:

Skydiving and aircraft flying are two of the great passions of Oliver’s life. Even with more than twenty-seven years of experience (8’500 jumps & 1’000 flight hours), he is still addicted to the thrills of skydiving within its many disciplines, and steering save an aircraft through the sky.

Oliver’s focus over the past years has been to compete against the best in the world. In the Air-Sport he can enumerate a long list of won competitions (incl. world championships), records and Guinness book entries. The new developed flying techniques, he is now transferring as instructor to the new generation.

In the Business World, Oliver is very successful. During the last 13 years he worked for several Airlines and Business-Jet companies in different roles. Thereby he always reached the set management goals.  Rolls including Chief Commercial Officer and supervision. He is accustomed to acting as a good leader and brought the employees to their peak form.

Thanks to his Master’s degree (Organization Management) he had the opportunity to work on large projects and he made an important contribution to the achievement of the projects. Additional Oliver was responsible for two start-ups companies, which he led to the success as managing director.